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“Atina exists to develop the potential of Brazilian biodiversity in a responsible and traceable way, offering innovative advanced ingredients for the global cosmetics industry”

Atina is one of only two larger manufacturers of Natural and Organic Alpha-Bisabolol in the world and has 18 years of experience as a leading manufacturer of innovative cosmetic ingredients obtained from the biodiversity of Latin American tropical biomes. Over this span of time, we have served more than 130 different clients in Latin America, Europe, US and Asia selling more than 35 innovative and sustainably sourced active ingredients. Our approach to sustainable sourcing of raw materials guarantees the reliability of our final products and establishes fair trade conditions for all parties involved in the process.

Today, most of our production is exported to the US, Europe and Asia. We work across the globe in partnership with local distributors. We currently have a portfolio of 20 products which are available for direct distribution. We also have developed products in partnership with or for selected clients, which we manufacture and supply with exclusivity.


We are a diverse group of chemist and pharmacists, environmental professionals, production and maintenance professionals, field workers, admin and sales people that, together, dare to find potential for cosmetic performance ingredients in the vast Brazilian biodiversity landscape, develop and manage sustainable supply chains and production routes and finally market it to a global market. You’ll find our team across Brazil, from Sao Paulo, to Minas Gerais, to remote regions where we source natural materials.

Atina’s Production Infrastructure and Certifications

Atina’s factory brings together the best in extraction, purification and analysis equipment, and has professionals who combine knowledge, rigor and creativity. The two ANVISA-certified pharmaceutical production facilities are located in the Industrial District of Pouso Alegre, in Brazil’s Minas Gerais State and are within easy access to a number of highways and airports for export.

In addition to the ANVISA certification, Atina’s production facilities are audited annually by a number of renowned cosmetic brands.


Sustainable Innovation

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